With over 30 years of experience in the consumer packaged goods industry, specializing in calling on Publix Super Markets, Performance Marketing Services offers headquarters sales representation and marketing support of your products which includes:

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Category Management and Data Analysis

  • Sales Support

  • Promotional Planning

  • Execution of Client Business Plans

  • Presentation and Marketing Plan Creation

  • Negotiation of Client and Retailer Proprietary Systems

  • Coop Management and Deduction Resolution

  • Customer Service

  • Trade Planning and Payments

  • Post Promotion Recaps and Analysis

  • Contract Processing

  • New Vendor Set Up

  • New Item Authorization

  • Management of Retail Services Through Third Parties

We can handle everything from the day to day activities of your business to the strategic direction of your brand.

Performance Marketing Services also provides consulting to include:

  • Pre-launch Planning and Consulting

  • Analysis of Product Line and Reward Factoring 

  • Competitive Product Sales and Spend Analysis 

  • Product Refinement 

  • Education about Channel and Retailer Expectations 

  • Development of Sales Materials and Presentations

Your business will be handled by the principal partner in the business – Your product’s success is our success. 

Strategy – Planning - Execution –Measurement 



Our strengths are your solution….People, Passion, Honesty, Integrity and Focus 

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